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Willow's Blog - Out of The Ashes and Into The Fire.

This is a blog written by Willow ... a supporter of Climb Out. She has felt inspired enough to share her story with us. I would like to encourage anyone who feels inspired enough to write a few words to get in touch. You don't need to use your real name, you don't need to send in photo's but I do ask that your story is positive in some way. 

You can email me at with your story.

Out Of the Ashes and Into The Fire.

Hello to everyone out there, I just want to say a little thank you for taking sometime to read my blog.

This is my life over the past year and beyond, taking you with me on my journey back into the world of outdoor sports. I'm pushing my boundaries further than ever before and I'm putting new experiences under my belt. From the ups and the downs, the laughs, the tears and no holds barred pushing myself to a new level. Don’t get me wrong I'm no athlete but I love being out there and trying new things.

A Little About Me.

For a while now I have been battling demons and have found that my main release is being able to get out there and climb up a mountain or charge down a river. Just having the freedom of being able to escape from it all and recharge my batteries makes a difference. However for the last few years I have been going out less and less as becoming a single parent can slow things down a little.

For as long as I can remember my parents have taken me outdoors, from being out on a lake or up a mountain. I really started learning more and more about my passion when I started going to summer camps but sadly I was unable to go all too often. When I hit senior school I had the opportunity to do more outdoor activities in the last two years, which was always a great help as it was hard on me in school. I always loved sports at school and felt that this was one of the few areas where I felt accepted by others. I always felt like an outcast in school, yes I had some friends but not many and I am glad to say I keep in touch with these friends to this day.

When I hit college I had a chance to take an outdoor course, this is when I began to push my limits in the outdoors. I found more people than before who were interested in the same hobbies as myself and I finally began to feel accepted. Sadly when I moved back to my hometown the opportunities to participate in the things I loved became sparse, I started to take a step backwards and felt drained all the time. Recently I have met people and groups who share the same passion as me for the outdoors. I have steadily began to find my love for it again but sadly I have never had the confidence in my own ability to push myself into trying harder routes. I am beginning to find my own two feet again and I feel like I need to push harder to prove to myself that I can do it. No more will my demons hold me back!

I am going to have to work harder than ever. I'm planning to transform from 3 years of hardly doing any sport to doing something active for 3 days a week minimum. In the end it will be worth it, when I look back in life I will have fewer regrets and say that I have conquered.

January ... It Begins.

Reality Check.

The Photo above was my first walk of the year up the Old Man Of Coniston via the Copper mines route. We could have taken an easier route but I foolishly  picked the harder route. I thought aah its not too bad, you've tackled worse, you can do it, maybe it's a small challenge, but you‘ll be fine. How wrong I was, 15 minutes after we had set off I already began to struggle. The backs of my calves were aching already and we had to stop a lot on the way before we even got to the abandoned buildings. All the way up I was battling myself in my head, one side was saying you can’t do this you aren't going to make it up there. If I didn't have people with me motivating me I would have gone back down. We got to the old mining buildings and stopped for lunch, at this point my body hated me but part of me knew if I just ate something and had a cuppa and a little sit down I would be OK to carry on. The worst of the walk was still to come. There were no views all the way up, there were low lying clouds everywhere, there was a shallow, patchy layer of snow but only nearer to the top so this was not helping with my motivation to carry on. I told myself that you can do this, yes the hardest part is yet to come but if you quit now you are going to be kicking yourself, come on pull your finger out and get it done!

The next part of the leg, it was hell with more and more thoughts racing through my head shouting at myself, come on, come on, not far now. When we finally reached the top I really felt like breaking down but all I just wanted to do was hug the cairn and so I did, my friend had his camera in hand and took a shot, the photo above captured this moment.

I learned two things that day ... if I can push myself on to walk up that mountain I can push myself to do many things in life and secondly how much I am going to have train myself hard this year to achieve my goals, but this was the start of a new clean slate I proved to myself that I can do it. Many people will think that is not the biggest or hardest route, but you know what I say? Who cares what you think? You weren't in my shoes that day, I know what I achieved for myself and that is all that matters.

Apart from this first walk sadly I have not been able to go out much more but I have started planning and getting myself into the gym to strengthen myself up. Next month I have much more planned and hope to share my stories with you along with many photos to show my progress. 


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