Monday, 24 February 2014

My Depression Is Not A Cartoon Black Dog!

I'm getting really tired of the You Tube video - I had a black dog, his name was depression ... You may ask Why?

I find it insulting, patronising, infantile and poorly written.

Winston Churchill may have used the term 'Black Dog' but how was his life relevant to the mass population?A black dog is a poor metaphor for an illness which drives people to suicide, isolation, insanity and effects the families of sufferers no end. Would I say someone with a limb missing was like a broken snowflake? No ... because it's insulting!

A huge problem with getting people to support mental illness is that many people see it as a joke or a child like problem.  In my opinion this video only affirms and enhances that sceptical view of mental illness. I recieve 100s of heart felt messages from people who suffer from depression and I can assure you that not one person has related to a 'Black Dog'.

The words 'Climb Out' were always intended to be used as a metaphor as well as a literal meaning. I started 'Climb Out' so that people could understand my problems and so that I could try and make sense of them too. I couldn't find a 'real' person telling their story on a daily basis so I decided to do something about it.

I'm an ordinary guy, I work full time but I also work tirelessly and obsessively on Climb Out to try and change the stigma of mental health. I recently did a talk for mental health and I decided to make a video 'Inside My Mind' it consists of my thoughts on a bad day the music is my Dad singing a song he wrote called 'Half Suicidal'.

This is as far away from a black dog as you can get which is why many people won't watch or re post it. It's emotional, honest, and probably depressing but it does end positively  ... I still hold back tears when I watch it because I feel sorry for this 'other me'.

If you are going to spread a video at least let it be an open, honest attempt to explain depression. I'm sure there are many more than mine. I don't have time to look as I'm too busy trying to help people understand the reality of the situation.

Please watch this video and share the blog where you can

Jake - Climb Out

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