Monday, 17 February 2014

Don't rely on Karma it may be the death of you.

Some of you may know that on the 2nd of Jan I broke a small bone in my wrist. It gets worse ... on the 2nd of Feb I had a near fatal electric shock at work. So let it be known that when the 2nd of March comes I won't be leaving the house!

Obviously you're wondering what happened? It was simply an accident ... I'm an electrician, I was at work and I'd turned some power back on to make a cup of tea. Stupidly I'd unknowingly flicked the wrong switch. I cut into a cable and before I knew it I couldn't let go ... the cable had become live and I was convulsing on the floor. I could see my left hand start to burn and swell as the electric looked for a way out of my body. I tried to scream but you only get one chance as the panic and pain takes over your voice box. My eyes started to bulge and throb, my vision went ... I was scared ... this was it.

Then ... as fast as the pain came ... it disappeared. A mate at work had the quick thinking and bravery to drag the cable out of my hand. I started to get my vision back and watched my left hand sink back to it's normal size. The plaster cast saved my burns from being worse, for the first time in 4 weeks I thanked my broken wrist. After rolling around on the floor for a while I got up and drank my cup of tea, even if it was the instigator of the accident it was well needed. This sounds braver than it actually was! In reality I was shaking, in lots of pain and realised I may have cracked some ribs and possibly my elbow.

It's been 2 weeks since the shock and 6 weeks since I broke my wrist. My body still hurts a fair bit, I get sharp pains in my ribs when I move, my wrist still hurts if I put pressure on it but my burns are healing well. I'm tired of everything hurting and I'm tired of trying to think positive. I'm now further away from climbing than before and its really starting to get me down.    

You may wonder why am I telling you this in great detail? I would answer why not? A few weeks ago I should have written a super positive blog for the 5th of Feb 2014. I started to climb on the 5th Feb 2013 and I wanted to show everyone how far we're all capable of changing in a year. I had considered my future blogs since December. I had big plans of training hard and learning how to trad climb, I had built the Climb Out website and gone live just after Xmas day. I don't usually relish a new year but 2014 was going to be different ... and for once it was ... but I didn't realise what different would mean!

So is there any good news? Of course there is ...

Climb Out has taken off more than I ever imagined. Originally I only intended for a few people to follow a few rambling blogs but people kept asking for more so I continued to give. This has somehow stretched to 1000's of site and blog views, BMC articles, lots of support and big plans for a new interactive website. I am realistic, I do realise it could fall flat on it's face tomorrow and to be honest I keep expecting it to. I don't really understand why Climb Out seems so popular? At this moment some people may say its Yin/Yang, its Karma, Jake deserved some good luck. I would say don't leave your life and dreams to the hands of 'destiny' as nothing will come from it.

 I've used all my spare time sat at a laptop promoting, emailing, tweeting, facebooking, writing, making You Tube videos, networking, and generally thinking about Climb Out. I've devoted every waking (and sleeping) moment to this project. Climb Out didn't explode for no apparent reason ... don't be fooled ... it's bloody hard work and is logistically becoming too complicated for my small brain!

On the surface I have done all this alone but I will say again ... don't be fooled ... from every message, every email, every ounce of support I have leeched a slice of positivity from people to continue with Climb Out. I suppose the moral of the story is :-  When plans go wrong, try to adapt, concentrate on something else, who knows what may come from it?

Every supporter of the Climb Out Community should be proud and I can't praise you all enough! I did consider putting photo's of my injuries on here but that's would be sensationalism and stupid. Instead I've decided to show photo's from Climb Out supporters.
Thanks for being there.

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