Friday, 28 February 2014

Climb Out - Ordinary Lives project

Climb Out will be taking part in The Museum Of The Great Outdoors exhibit at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival between the 4th - 6th April 2014. The exhibit will consist of mainly posters but we are proud to say that we will be showing a short film called Ordinary Lives.

What is the Ordinary Lives project?

To make a short film (possibly 3 minutes) using a collection of still photo's, captions and music. We will be using some pro athlete's but mainly everyday people. The idea is to show that we are all an inspiration and that our lives/adventures are lot less ordinary than we may give ourselves credit for. Climb Out wants to show that we are all hero's, we can all 'live the dream', it's all relative to the individual.   

There is a teaser trailer below

What do we need?

A photo of an individual in ANY outdoor activity, along with the photo just a few words to comment on the photo. This could be saying why you like your chosen activity, you could tell us where you were or why it's important to you, you can simply say "this was hard I almost gave up" or "I love climbing for the cups of tea I get to drink".  It's up to you.

The photo needs to be a high resolution pic and horizontal pics will work best. You can submit more than 1 photo if you like. We need them in for the 10th March. The photo's if chosen will also appear online for Climb Out and other sites.


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