Friday, 3 January 2014

Note To Self - Always Expect To Fall

Well it looks as though I may have broken a small bone in my wrist called a scaphoid. The hospital can't confirm for 10 days as it takes a while to show up on an X-Ray. This small and previously insignificant bone is starting to play a huge part in my life after only 24 hrs. I've spent the last week building and waiting for the UK rain to stop so I can get outdoors. I really had big plans for the next few weeks and felt all my hard work was paying off. I was going to share photo's and promote the benefits of climbing and enjoying the outdoors.

So what happened? I fell off a boulder problem at The Roaches in Staffordshire. I was only a few feet off the ground and decided I didn't need a spotter, I didn't expect to fall. Note to self - Always use available mate's to spot you and always expect to fall. I must admit I'm dissapointed my accident wasn't a little more epic for blog purposes at least. Possibly breaking a bone the size and shape of a cashew nut, from the height of a child's shoe box, doesn't make for very good reading I'm afraid. If I somehow make this story remotely interesting I will be awaiting a nomination for The Pulitzer prize. I'm actually embarrassed to write about such a small issue but as Facebook would ultimately reveal my injury, I thought I would get my side of the story in first. I am heroically (give me a break, I need that nomination) typing with one hand and my whole left side actually hurts like hell. I fully understand that there are people in this world with serious injuries and I should be thankful. The problem is that I'm a human being ... a male human being at that ... which means I'm inherently selfish by nature. I can only pick one side of my nose efficiently and I can't drive without making Hollywood style grunts every time I change gear. This and similar trivialities are already frustrating me but knowing that I won't be able to climb for a while is the worse part.

Gaz showing how it's done! I was much less impressive and much lower!  

I'm writing this blog for people who may question if climbing is a good idea. When I worked in demolition I had more painful injuries than I care to recall and I risked my life far more than I do in any climbing exploit. As an Electrician I had a serious shock which could have killed me and almost destroyed the end of my middle finger. Sticking your melted fingertip in liquid oxygen 3 times a day for months and hoping it heals isn't much fun. No one ever said "are you sure you want to carry on working? Why are you doing this?" Well ... I did ... but as you've probably gathered by now I'm not exactly the hero type. So I urge any would be climber not to be put off. As my story suggests I am kind of accident prone at times and this little set back doesn't even compare to some of the mental states I've suffered.

Dave demonstrating safe bouldering.

Climbing can be as safe or as dangerous as you want it to be. Yes there can be risks but don't be fooled, expecting a risk free existence is only just an existence and should not be confused with  living a full meaningful  life. So get outdoors, go for a walk, watch the sun go down, take some of those inspirational photo's that you see on the internet. That's what I will be doing until I can climb again.                    

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