Saturday, 25 January 2014

Climb Out Needs You!

Climb Out has had a big month ... the Facebook page just hit 400 likes, the site has had over 2500 visits since it was built it 4 weeks ago. This blog has now had over 3000 visits too. 

These are positive statistics but do they prove that people are interested? I spend 1000s of hours promoting, blogging, emailing and all the other stuff involved with this project. I spend just as much time pondering over what to do next. The statistics and figures are mind boggling so I try not to dwell on them too much.

What I do know is that almost everyday 1 person gets in touch with Climb Out. Some messages are long and some are short, the shortest message I recieved was :-

 "walking helps too but I am fortunate to live by the sea"

I loved that email it's just as important as 1000s of words to me, it's so simple and says so much. I read EVERY message/email and answer to the best of my ability but sometimes a short message is refreshing. Every comment, LIKE or page visit means that all the figures add up to 1 common goal. People are thinking and reacting. I owe a big thank you to everyone who takes a little time out to get involved!

So I have another idea.

Maybe you saw the video I made here the other day Inside My Mind or the Climb Out video.

I have a new project in mind so as always ... I need people's help :)

I want a collection of pics to make a new video for Climb Out but I want to use photographs from anyone who supports the cause. I want the outdoor & climbing community to show off what they get up to. This will be a really important project for me and don't think that you need to suffer from depression to join in! The whole idea is to reduce stigma around depression and remember that prevention is always better than a cure!

So I have a few ideas below to get people started.

Email me a decent resolution photograph to this can be a climbing pic, landscape pic or any other outdoor photo.

I would like a photo and hopefully a name and possibly a few short words by yourself. I would have to limit this to maybe 10 as your clip may only be seen for a few seconds.

Anonymous - The sunrise helps my depression in low times

It can be humorous too I don't mind

Preparation is key in the Peak District - Jake 

Or a climbing shot ... you don't need to show your face.

Bouldering at Goldsborough Carr does it for me - Rob

So please get in touch and help Climb Out inspire people ... you can contact me via

here is a teaser trailer

Please read the lists below so there isn't any confusion :)

You DO NOT need to look like an athlete, I would like a mixture of fit and not-so-fit people.
You DO NOT need to show your face if you don't want to.
You Do NOT need to give your name but I would like to put a name to each photo if possible even if only a first name or nickname.

I WILL NOT keep your email address unless you ask me to.
I WILL NOT mention any depression issues unless asked to.
I WILL NOT publish these pics elsewhere other than on the video, they will be deleted when I have finished the project.

I WILL be using this video in all aspects of Climb Out, I may possibly use it for a Crowd funding idea I have.
I WILL respect any privacy issues you may be concerned with.
I WILL delete your email address if you ask me too



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