Friday, 12 July 2013

The Climb Out Charity Challenge.

What is the challenge?

This weekend Rob Jenkins and I will attempt to climb 50 Trad routes in 24 hours! Recently we attempted 30 routes in 3 days and managed only 10. So why try more routes in a shorter time scale ... Why not? Failure actually is an option outside of Hollywood films, recognising our failings and re-adjusting is a very good learning process.  If we can't learn from failure how can we progress? According to Einstein  " Insanity is repeating the same things again and again and expecting different results", who can argue with the greatest mind of our time? So, failing last month didn't put us off, does that make us strong of character or idiots? Only time will tell but possibly the latter of the two! 6 months ago I had a pair of unused climbing shoes in my wardrobe gathering dust, I was (and still am) suffering from depression. I was dreaming of escaping my bedroom, modern day reality and healing my illness through rock climbing and being outdoors. Common sense told me that my illness and unhealthy lifestyle would cut this dream short, apparently I was wrong ...  impossible is more possible than you think I still drink, I still smoke but now I climb too.

Why set this challenge? 

There are a number of reasons ... many are to do with climbing, fitness, and personal goals. I'm sure Rob and I will learn different things from this challenge and that the attempt will offer much more than the end result. There are also other reasons ... Personally I will be thinking of anyone who is suffering this weekend, it may be mentally, it may be physically or even both! It could be depression, cancer, or broken bones, I don't mind. When my body's hurting, and I'm getting scared and ready to give up, I will be thinking of family and friends this weekend. This is my way of saying  ... things can and do change, never give up, people do care.

How is this for charity?

Normally a charity would ask for money in return for someone completing a task, this money would then get filtered through various taxes, accountancy fees e.t.c e.t.c Who knows where the cash ends up? Did you actually help? You'll never know! I'm not asking for cash or urging you to ring a premium rate phone line. So what am I asking for? All I'm asking is that you make an effort to help someone if we complete this challenge. This could be a friend, a family member or here's a novel idea ... why not do something good for yourself!  I guarantee the satisfaction and the effort is much more rewarding than throwing a few pennies in a box!  

So that's about it really ... nothing spectacular, no cash targets, you don't need to buy a T shirt, you don't even need to give me your credit card details. Possibly passing this blog around would be cool, even reading it will make you think.... that's all I'm asking ... the rest is up to you.